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Lifts & Escalators

These automatic lifts are built specially for usage by hospitals.Stretchers can be accommodated. Cabin if required – can be washed or fumigated there is no jerk in starting or stopping. The range from 13 persons to 40 persons with the minimum size being 3’x7. The cabin walls can be of M. S.Painted, M. S. Powder coated or hairline brush finished stainless steel collapsible channel gates or swing doors with glass vision windows can be provided. Swing door be varied from floor to floor to suit the decor.Automatic doors can also be provided.The side elevation shows only the top floor & bottom the respective height requirements. All door heights will be 2000 clear. Door lintel bottom should be at 2150. Plan for manual swing doors / collapsible doors / telescopic doors is different. All sizes are inside finished dimensions in mm. All hoist way walls are 230 mm thick brick or 150 mm RCC walls. Entire civil structure for the lift shaft including plaster & painting of lift shaft inside.

Car Lifts

Axles car lifts can be used where space is a limitation inside residential or commercial complex.our superior engineering delivers a high payload compared to competitor product.

Capsule lift

 Capsule lift are a sought after aesthetic design that is popular in shopping malls or even resi dential complexes as they use less power compared to other lifts, their full glass facade makes them highly desirable as even a decorative addition to buildings, axels takes immense pride in providing unique value additions to our clients.

 Noise Free

Axels gearless elevator machine work without any type noise, of vibration or noise, ensuring an ultimately peaceful, comfortable and smooth perfomance.

Compact Size

Axels Compact Size gearless elevator machine are compact in size.minimizing space requirement by eliminating the traction machine gear box



Dumbwaiters are small freight elevators that are used to transport small cargo between different floors of a building. they are typically not used for carrying people but assist hugely in a multistorey business enterprise by eliminating the need for physical human transit between floors.

Energy Saving

 The optimized power factor of the tectronics machines means it utilizes less power and produces lesser heat than traditional traction elevators, with energy saving of upto 40% (compared to conventional geared elevators

 Gearless Technology

Gearless Technology with the use of Gearless traction machine, ride can be smoother, Energy-saving can be improved, and environment-friendly features can be enhanced.

No Machine Room Requires

No Machine Room Requires Axels machines are remarkably light weight and space Ancient compared to cured, and easy standards efficient, compared to traditional traction elevators.Less structural support is required, and easier access for machine room service enhances safety standards.


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